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HST.978[J] Healthcare Ventures

Graduate (Spring)
(Same subject as 15.367[J])
Prereq: None
Units: 3-0-9
Addresses healthcare entrepreneurship with an emphasis on startups bridging care re-design, digital health, medical devices, and new healthcare business models. Includes prominent speakers and experts from key domains across venture capital, medicine, pharma, med devices, regulatory, insurance, software, design thinking, entrepreneurship, including many alumni from the class sharing their journeys. Provides practical experiences in venture validation/creation through team-based work around themes. Illustrates best practices in identifying and validating health venture opportunities amid challenges of navigating healthcare complexity, team dynamics, and venture capital raising process. Intended for students from engineering, medicine, public health, and MBA programs. Video conference facilities provided to facilitate remote participation by Executive MBA and traveling students.
M. Gray, Z. Chu