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18.03 Differential Equations

Undergrad (Fall, Spring) Rest Elec in Sci & Tech
Prereq: None. Coreq: Calculus II (GIR)
Units: 5-0-7
Credit cannot also be received for CC.1803, ES.1803
Add to schedule Lecture: MWF1 (26-100) Recitation: TR9 (2-143) or TR10 (2-143, 2-135, 2-132) or TR11 (2-143, 2-135) or TR12 (2-143, 2-135, 2-146) or TR1 (2-143, 2-135) or TR2 (2-143, 2-135) or TR3 (2-143) +final
Study of differential equations, including modeling physical systems. Solution of first-order ODEs by analytical, graphical, and numerical methods. Linear ODEs with constant coefficients. Complex numbers and exponentials. Inhomogeneous equations: polynomial, sinusoidal, and exponential inputs. Oscillations, damping, resonance. Fourier series. Matrices, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, diagonalization. First order linear systems: normal modes, matrix exponentials, variation of parameters. Heat equation, wave equation. Nonlinear autonomous systems: critical point analysis, phase plane diagrams.
H. Cohn
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