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15.911 Entrepreneurial Strategy

Graduate (Fall); first half of term
Prereq: None
Units: 6-0-3
Credit cannot also be received for 15.715
Sloan bid You must participate in Sloan's Course Bidding to take this subject.
Add to schedule Ends Oct 18. Lecture: MWF1-2.30 (E51-145) or MWF2.30-4 (E51-145)
Teaches an integrated strategy framework for start-ups. Provides a deep understanding of the core strategic choices facing innovation-based entrepreneurs, a synthetic framework for the process of choosing and the implementation of entrepreneurial strategy, and the core challenges and approaches for scaling ventures over time. Highlights the process of how to choose an entrepreneurial strategy, the specific choices that matter, how key choices fit together to form an overall entrepreneurial strategy, and the playbook for particular strategies for startups.
E. Scott
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