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15.387 Entrepreneurial Sales

Graduate (Fall, Spring)
Prereq: 15.390 or read the book Disciplined Entrepreneurship
Units: 3-0-9
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Add to schedule Lecture: MW4-5.30 (E51-325)
Instruction in the fundamental Go-to-Market (GTM) motions and how to identify, build and execute on the right GTM motion(s) for technology startups. This includes not only building out a sales organization, but also the underlying processes and sales fundamentals required to measure results and sustain competitive advantage. This course is highly relevant to anyone interested in building a business or better understanding how to drive revenue from founding to scale.
Fall: J. Baum, A. Blake, M. Faingezicht, E. Skala
Spring: J. Baum, A. Blake, M. Faingezicht, E. Skala
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