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1.013 Senior Civil and Environmental Engineering Design

Undergrad (Fall, Spring) Can be repeated for credit
Prereq: Permission of instructor
Units: 1-3-2
Add to schedule Lecture: T2-4 (1-134) Lab: TBA
Students engage with faculty around a topic of mutual interest, building on the knowledge/skills gained throughout their program. Synthesizes prior coursework and experiences through a semester-long design project and related assignments. Students form teams and work on projects advised by faculty representatives from each core in the 1-ENG curriculum. Teams demonstrate creativity in applying theories and methodologies while considering their project's technical, environmental and social feasibility. Includes lectures on a variety of related engineering concepts, as well as scholarship and engineering practice and ethics. Provides instruction and practice in oral and written communication.
Fall: B. Marelli
Spring: B. Marelli, O. Cordero
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